Pharmaceuticals At Cao Đẳng Dược TPHCM

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Asclepius is known as the Greek god of healing and is believed to cure any disease with his staff. In modern days, pharmacists are our magical healers. Pharmacy is the inclusion of wide ranges of branches like research, production, quality assurance, circulation distribution, and pharmaceutical guidelines. Interaction of drugs with the body, drug metabolism, adverse drug reactions, the chemical formula of drugs, and drug safety all come under Pharmacy and its study. The demand for pharmacists was massive a few years back and is uniformly increasing.

Cao đẳng dược TPHCM


As Pharmacy is mainly biology and chemistry, students who have passion in both with the inclusion of patience and kindness will flourish in this field. Pharmacy does not revolve only around the prescription hand-outs after all.

Career Opportunities

After graduation in Pharmacy, Pharmacists have many options to pursue like:

  1. Hospital: To provide dosage and quantity of drugs, the quality assurance and consultation with the doctor for a prescription of certain drugs.
  2. At production facilities: Research on the formulation, new active chemical, the dosage, monitoring, farming and extraction.
  3. Medical School: As a teacher or a technician
  4. Testing centre: Production and assimilation of new drugs and their testing before release in the market.
  5. Business establishments: to work at local drug stores or at wholesale producers.

There is an abundance of colleges at Saigon which deal with training students on the pharmaceuticals and the analysis of drugs and the production and dosage where the student undertakes the training program for four years. But, it’s possible to finish it in three years with training system at Cao đẳng dược TPHCMat the College of Medicine of Saigon. After graduation after three years, the student has the choice to either transfer to a university or to study in two other majors. The cost and fees are standardized by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA).

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